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Job Design, Compensation & Benefits



Systematic and rational method of creating jobs


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In many organizations, a variety of tasks is often assigned to an individual on a somewhat arbitrary basis and that becomes a “job”. This often random assignment of tasks can create much inefficiency which results in low employee morale and low productivity. There is however a systematic and rational method of creating jobs so that the desired efficiencies are created. This process involves job analysis and job design. This course therefore seeks to emphasize the importance of analyzing the processes which forms a single task as well as ways and means to design tasks and jobs which will motivate the employee.

Strictly defined, compensation refers to the financial returns and tangible benefits which employees receive as part of the employment relationship. Perceptions of compensation vary however for the major stake-holders and an understanding of the contrasting perspectives is also critical to the effective management of the system. The potential for using the compensation system to influence employee’s attitudes and behavior needs to be recognized as a vital source for achieving a competitive advantage.


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